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The Mindset Experience

Learn from top athletes for lasting and satisfying results in the office

The Mindset Experience participants include corporate chief executives, senior managers and professionals in education, elite athletes and performance artists.

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The Mindset Experience is a unique mental program that teaches you how to stay focused on the task at hand without being distracted. You will learn how to perform optimally under pressure and receive tools to achieve harmonious and effective co-operation when the stakes are high. In this trajectory, you will learn how to focus your attention on your realm of influence and direct your day-to-day actions towards your long-term goals. What’s more, you will develop a Friendly Eyes Mindset, that is to observe without judging yourself and others and to set priorities, especially in stressful situations. The Mindset Experience combines unique sports exercises with mindfulness in a hands-on fashion. After completing the full program, you will know how to perform under pressure effectively and with more quality.

“Determination is a calm, pleasant state, without stress.”

The Mindset Experience program in a nutshell

Maximum of 16 participants.
2 days of training and a 1-3 month(s) intermediate period of independent practice.

  • Training day 1: Jackie Reardon and team provide techniques that will help you to improve your focus, giving you personal feedback in various attention control exercises. You will link your insights to clear-cut personal goals for the intermediate period.
  • Intermediate period of 1 -3 months of independent practice how to focus your attention and work towards your personal goals on a day to day basis. The individual coaching in this phase is identical to the guidance elite athletes experienced when working with Jackie Reardon on their way to becoming world champions.
  • Training day 2: After having completed the intermediate period you will reflect on your experiences the past month(s) under the guidance of Jackie Reardon and her team. You will elaborate on how to apply your insights into your work and beyond.

NB. The 2nd day of training is exclusively for participants who have successfully completed the intermediate period of daily practice to guarantee the highest standard of the training program.

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